Things to Do

Explore our nature, art, healing, old and new frontiers.

Here is a sampling of things to do in our area. Feel free to call direct, or ask our Spa Office for more information.
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Brewery and Restaurants

Just circle around Main and Broadway and the spaces in between. There's lots of amazing places with delicious food, live music and more.

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Local Gallery

Art Galleries and Shops

We are a town of artists. Just walk around and see some of the stunning creations inspired by our beautiful New Mexico. Lots of vintage shops, and places that sell our natural rocks and gems.

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Rio Grande River

The Rio Grand River flows through town and offers year round fishing and summertime float trips.

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Elephant Butte lake and Caballo Lake State Parks

Elephant Butte Lake is one of New Mexico's largest lakes and offers stunning vistas, camping, fishing and a marina with boat rentals. You can also rent kayaks and paddleboards nearby. This 42-mile lake is a short 3 mile drive away. Caballo Lake State Park is about a 20 minute drive, a bit smaller, offers great fishing and camping.

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There are lovely hiking trails and even opportunities for expeditions on Ted Turner's ranches right in our area. One of the easiest hikes is the Healing Waters Trail, it starts from Rotary Park, is clearly marked and offers some delightful views of the area. Many like to hike to the summit of Turtleback Mountain. Ask about a local guide to help you uncover some of the more hidden jewels.

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Sierra del Rio golf course in Elephant Butte is a stunning golf course with very reasonable rates. There is also a city course if you are looking for something right in town.

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Geronimo Springs Museum

Our delightful museum offers insight into Indians, Geronimo, dinosaurs, local artists, and how our town got it's name from the game show Truth or Consequences in 1950 and the history of the resulting Fiesta which happens every year the first week in May. We've been waiting for you!

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Veteran's Memorial Museum

We are very proud to have our own replica of both the Vietnam Wall and the Statue of Liberty on the hill which houses our fine Veteran's home.

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The Gila Wilderness

Just two hours away is the lush, mountainous Gila Wilderness with hiking, camping, caves, and hot springs.

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Spaceport America

Spaceport America

One of the few spaceports in the world is 30 minutes away. The Spaceport Visitor's Center is just a couple blocks away at 301 S. Foch.

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Cowboy and horses

Historic Old West Towns

A variety of old west towns are just drives away: Kingston, Monticello, Chloride, Winston, and Cuchillo. All are easy day trips, each offering their own stories.

Calendar of Events

There's always something popping up in town, but here's a sampling of things that happen every year.


Date Street Flea Market - every Saturday morning


Art Hop - the second Saturday of each month 6-9pm


Auctions with Willard Hall - everyone checks out these auctions to stock up on deals


Snowbird Season is November through March and town comes to life
Old Fashioned Christmas - the streets close, fire barrels and carolers and merriment
Luminaria at Elephant Butte Lake - walk among huge fires, sample delicious free NM food and drinks lit by thousands of luminaria.


Spaceport Event - new this spring!
Fiesta - the first weekend in May since 1950, carnival, bands, rodeo, parade. A not to be missed classic!
Hot Springs Festival - the second weekend in May, explore our springs and healing.


Farmer's Market - Memorial Day through Halloween, our local bounty in Ralph Edwards Park
Rio Grande Float Trips - don't miss floating on inner-tubes in the cool Rio on hot summer days


Film Fiesta - our own 3 day film festival during Veteran's Day Weekend
Veteran's Day Classic Car Show - right on Veteran's Hill
Halloween - the streets are closed, the town comes out decked out


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