Pelican Spa - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, 87901

Call (575) 894-0055 to inquire about weekly/monthly rates.
Artfully furnished units with kitchen, internet and satellite TV.
Unlimited hot spring bathing, access to Pelican Spa building/courtyard
and weekly housekeeping is included in all rentals.

Pelican Spa
306 S. Pershing
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, 87901
Call: (575) 894-0055


Pelican Spa, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

pel·i·can [pel-i-kuhn] 1. any of several large, totipalmate, fish-eating birds of the family Pelecanidae, having a large bill with a distensible pouch. spa [spah] 1.a mineral spring, or a locality in which such springs exist.